Alfresco Anti-Bug Bite Moisturiser

Owwww!! Ouch!!! Scratch!!! That's the sound of a holiday, for many of us. (Jo, in particular, attracts mosquitoes from miles around, and generally looks like she has chicken pox by Day Two.) Unless, that is, she packs a bottle of Alfresco...

We've written about Alfresco before (their Acqua d'Alfresco is a brilliant spritz-on fragrance/bug-repellant), but it's worth a reminder right now. Anyone heading for the west coast of Scotland, in particular (or those heather moors) will find it a godsend.

It actually smells NICE. (Unless you're an insect.) And it MOISTURISES. And it WORKS. And it's based on naturally repellent elements of patchouli, cinnamon leaf and cedarwood, not nasty pesticides.

We can't really add more, except to say that it now also comes in a jolly handy small bottle - perfect for tucking in a coat pocket, as you're hiking those hills.

So just buzz off, guys.

UK readers find Alfresco Anti-Bug Bite Moisturiser at£25 for 200 ml - buy here (or find the pocket-sized Anti-Bug Bite Moisturisers at£35 for 6 x 50 ml - buy here)