AERIN Body Creams

Aerin Lauder's fragrances are pretty, pretty, pretty - and so are these new Body Creams, which are beautiful incarnations of fragrances like exquisite floral Gardenia Rattan, soft Lilac Path, exotic Ikat Jasmine (two kinds of jasmine, plus tuberose), warm, sultry, almost snuggly Amber Musk and exquisite Evening Rose - which is probably our favourite, with the tang of blackberry and the richness of Cognac, swirling around Bulgarian rose absolute and Centifolia rose.

The creams themselves are luxuriously nourishing, leaving skin beautifully fragrant but not overpoweringly so - great for the office, as the scents seem to be 'time-released' during the day.

Last but not least, we're loving the packaging - inspired by some of the textiles she has designed for fabric company Lee Jofa. A total treat for several of the senses, then...

UK readers find AERIN Body Creams at£40 for 150 ml - buy here