Aerin Beach Cream

Aerin Lauder has a sort of effortless beauty that she's managed successfully to translate to her signature range.  We're big fans (Jo never ventures anywhere without the instantly-perkifying cream blusher), and have this new fave rave from the seasonal Seashell Collection. Softly shimmering Beach Cream kisses skin with a luscious caramel glow - but more than that, doubles as a deep conditioner for hair. (If yours is wind-dried after a day at the beach, add a dab to palms and skim over hair.)  And it smells beautiful:  a perfect summer rosy  scent.  (Not beach-y at all, NB.)

We may never have Aerin's fortune.  We definitely won't ever have her long, slim legs.  But her sun-kissed, dewy skin?

A (summer) breeze, with this...

UK readers find Aerin Beach Cream at£40 for 125 ml - buy here US readers find it at$45 - buy here