AD Skin Synergy Perfect Eyes

Top of the list of beauty woes women write to us about at is eye puffiness.  And general under-eye baggage.  We've lost count of the e-mails and letters from readers chronicling your eye woes, over the years, but it's got to be in the thousands. We've long believed that some kind of physical action, however - tapping (with fingers/a silver teaspoon/the nifty little silver drumstick Jo once got with a pot of Crème de la Mer eye cream) or rolling with a metal ball - is key to dispersing puffiness.  Product alone, in general, won't do the trick.

So:  cleverly, former beauty-PR-turned-entpreneur Amanda Denning (the AD of Skin Synergy) has put not one but three little 'rollerballs' in the top of this tube.  Remove the lid, make several circles around the 'orbital bone' with the balls (about the size of ball bearings), tap the product into skin, and eyes really do look relaxed and de-puffed.  The product only emerges when you squeeze, so you can do lots of 'rolling' without OD-ing on the cream.

Like all the AD Skin Synergy range it's 100% natural, free from synthetic perfumes or petrochemicals.  Like a lightweight serum/cream in texture, it's  packed with skin-firming, plumping plant ingredients including organic rosehip oil and rooibos (red bush tea), witch hazel and orange flower (both have a firming action).  Theres's also an algae - lola implexa - which is said to relax muscles.

But we've a hunch the key to its effectiveness is that lymph-draining, eye-cooling, bag-'ironing' applicator.

Excess eye baggage?  This might just roll it away...

UK readers find AD Skin Synergy Perfect Eyes at£28 for 15 ml by clicking here (NB  Do go via the Victoria Health page on our site - just click here - to enjoy an automatic 5% discount added at checkout)