A beautiful night's sleep

Our friend Gill at Victoria Health just asked if we'd 'edit' three of our favourite items - and here they are.   This is rather special - because if you scoop up all three, Victoria Health will then throw in a fab free gift:  the wonderfully zzz-inducing This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, which is worth £15.

Here's what we chose.  And, of course, why.

The Eye Doctor - £19.95 - is our new favourite eye mask (as in relaxing your eyes and keeping out the light).  You pop this in the microwave and the grains inside warm up, which is unbelievably soothing for the eye zone.  Lie back, let the gentle weight of the mask relax your eyes - and you're halfway to sleep.

This Works Deep Sleep Night Oil - £25 for 120 ml - is just extraordinary:  a deeply grounding, soothing, sleep-enhancing body oil that you apply before bedtime (shoulders and arms are good, as then you're surrounded by the powerful oils of vetiver, lavender and chamomile.

Beauty Bible Lip Balm - £6 - is the only product we ever have (and probably ever will) put our name to:  it's long been our all-time favourite balm, and we slather it on ritually overnight to let the softening ingredients - organic shea butter and aloe vera - work their luscious magic.

Deep Sleep Pillow Spray - this is your free gift, worth £15 (75 ml) - further enhances the effect of the Night Oil, or can be used on its own for a divinely fragrant, relaxing effect.  We are massive, massive fans of the This Works range, and the two products here are among its biggest stars, in our opinions.

So:  have a great night, everyone!

UK readers find A Beautiful Night's Sleep Kit at www.victoriahealth.com/£50.95 (to include free gift worth £15) - buy here - and you've got till next Wednesday (27th) to snap it up