#beautyhasnoage: a guest blog from Maleka Dattu


Today, we're handing our blog over to Maleka Dattu, founder of MERUMAYA® Integtative Effective Skincare. We've known Maleka for many years, including during her time at Origins, and we salute her bravery for going it alone and building her own skincare brand Merumaya. She recently launched a #beautyhasnoage campaign – and as we share its philosophy, we thought we'd give Maleka the opportunity to explain it to you herself. Here goes...

'A woman in her teens should not feel depressed because her unique beauty excludes her from being part of the "cool:| gang. A woman in her thirties should not feel the desperation of a ‘sell by date’, for her beauty. A woman in her 50s does not have to succumb to anyone else’s opinion of what is age appropriate beauty. A woman in her 70's+ should still feel beautiful, relevant and heard.

I want women everywhere to positively, take back control, for how we feel about ourselves. To revel, in the liberation of making our own informed choices about skin care, to feel beautiful at every age and pursue our dreams at any age, to take pleasure in the positive aspects of ageing, to appreciate our faces, bodies, brains and emotions.  I am inspired to help women ignite the courage within us, to take back control for our "beauty-confidence".

After 30 years in corporate beauty, when decisions did not always seem to me customer-centric, I took the leap from employment to entrepreneur. I created MERUMAYA®, an evidence-based skincare brand, to be all about you, feeling confident about the way you look, at every age. We champion the positive goal of "youthful-ageing"; our hashtag is #beautyhasnoage and it is resonating with women everywhere.

Men look in the mirror and see George Clooney, while women see spots, lines, pores, muffin tops. To change attitudes we need to start with the conversation that takes place in your head, in front of the mirror. When was the last time you said "yep, looking good" to yourself? We need to start by learning to accept a compliment. A simple "Thank You" works, without pointing out a ‘flaw’. Second step is to comment when you see beauty in others. Spread happiness and you will be happier, more beautiful and more youthful.

At 53, I know now, that my beauty is not defined simply by 36 square inches of face. It is how I engage in life, how much I laugh, love, dance, learn, live… right to the end. I wish I’d had that confidence in my twenties and thirties. That does not mean I don’t want to look youthful or that I wont take steps to ensure I do.

I am though, refusing to conform to other peoples ideas of what is age appropriate – so I dyed my hair bright pink in defiance (see below). I also had my first child (naturally, after five miscarriages) at 48, and I launched MERUMAYA® at 48, too. (What a year!) Women have no limits, only those we put upon ourselves. As we age, we have more confidence and I want our daughters, future generations of women, to get that confidence much, much earlier in their lives, than I did. Can you even imagine how powerful that is and how much more, women can achieve from that starting point...?

To change attitudes and build confidence in ourselves, we have to unite and recognise that unless we take some form of action, it is just a wish for change. If this message resonates with you, if you have daughters that you’d like, to feel confident, beautiful, accomplished, liberated and happier, please join in. Here’s how:

  • Use the #beautyhasnoage hashtag in your social communications e.g. Facebook
  • Take a photo of yourself, holding a sign with #beautyhasnoage on it and send it to us for inclusion in the gallery, as well as post.
  • Send us a short video, made on your phone that explains what #beautyhasnoage means to you to info@merumaya.com See examples here 
  • Or use the #beautyhasnoage make up bag (see above), which is available only at www.merumaya.com either to purchase or FREE as a gift with purchas, while stocks last. A full £5 from each bag goes to the charity Look Good Feel Better.

I give a huge bow of thanks to Jo and Sarah because they took action by allowing me to guest post and address you, on this site. Finally, my thanks to you in advance, for any action you take to support women everywhere, feel more confident and more beautiful...'

maleka pink hair