Win Jalue skincare’s anti-ageing elixir

Banish the puffies and boost radiance with this complexion-reviving duo by Jalue; we have TEN sets to give away, each duo worth £101.

Ice is very very nice for skin.  We’ve known this for decades (super useful on a puffy skin day) but we didn't realise that it was one of the beauty secrets of that famous siren, Catherine the Great. According to Jale Demirchi, founder of Jalue, the so-called Scarlet Empress reportedly applied an ice cube – doubtless wrapped in one of her lovers’ silk hankies – to her face, neck and décolletage every morning to refresh her complexion.

The gorgeous Jale, who is Azerbaijani by birth but now commutes between London and Istanbul, has really ramped up this concept using centuries-old secret herbal recipes to create Jalue Ice Therapy. You could call it a facial form of cryotherapy – brief immersion in intense cold – which has become a must for sportspeople due to its extraordinary revitalising effects. 

With Jalue you basically make a herbal ice lolly by first steeping a sachet of five skin-enhancing herbs – chamomile, sage, nettle, rose and oak bark – in boiling water then pouring the infusion into a special cone-shaped silicone mould.  Pop the mould in the freezer then apply the cone to your face, neck and décolleté to tone, lift and depuff.  Abracadabra! a glowing, reinvigorated complexion.

Each ice therapy package, usually priced at £39, contains one ice cone and four herbal sachets, making a month’s supply. So that will see you nicely through to New Year’s Eve.  We’d call it a must for the festive season.

The other half of the prize duo is a generous 200ml size Pressed Rose Hydrating Essence, usual price £62. Sweep this heaven-scented booster (on a cotton pad) over cleansed skin morning and night, to calm, tone and hydrate. Any time of day, in fact, that your skin feels tired, tight or in need of TLC. Then watch it bloom again thanks to the complexion-cherishing combination of pressed rose petals, neroli and willow bark with a high concentration of plumping and softening hyaluronic acid.  It’s a perfect instant perk up for all skin types and wonderful for calming sensitivity of any kind.

We’re big fans of Jalue and we’re pretty certain you will be too.  For a chance of winning a prize in this week’s draw, simply fill in the form below. Interested in finding out more, while you wait to find out if you've won? Visit

Prize draw closes at 7 a.m. on Wednesday 20th December 2017