Kitsch Hair Ties

We know summer’s really arrived when we absolutely can’t stand the feeling of our hair flopping down, and need it up, up and away from our neck. You have been warned, though: the elastic bands which come wrapped around the post are terrible, terrible, terrible for hair. Don’t go there!

A much gentler alternative: these stretchy fabric Kitsch hair ties, from an American company, which are apparently flying off the shelves at Victoria Health. We're so not surprised: they’re a gentle way to tie your hair back – and double as bracelets, when not in use (if you're that way incined).

Choose from hair-coloured ties – ranging from Blondie to Brunette - shimmery options, or literally dozens of prints - and even slogans (though we’re probably a tad on the mature side to go round wearing a hair tie with the world ‘Peace’ and a Ban The Bomb symbol on).

They don’t crease, cause kinks or ever get tangled up in hair – yet always stay put, rather than slithering off.

Basically, we didn’t think it was possible to get quite so excited about what’s essentially a souped-up elastic band – but we were wrong.

UK readers find Kitsch Hair Ties at£7.50 for a pack of five – buy here