001 London EyeCicles

Under-eye puffiness is one of the beauty ‘woes’ we get most e-mails about at www.beautybible.com. Well, hallelujah: there’s now a seriously effective solution (albeit with a ‘skin-investment’ price-tag). We’ve had the most fantastic results with the EyeCicle: a pair of cooling glass ‘orbs’ which you chill in the fridge (not freezer, NB) to smooth away fluid and puffiness from the under-eye zone via a specific massage technique. The EyeCicle is designed to be used with the 001 Triple-Peptides Commander Eye Concentrate, and the results are pretty phenomenal: as the area’s cooled and stimulated at the same time, blood vessels expand and contract, oxygen flows to the cells (waking up the eye area), and flushing away built-up fluid. Eyes look brighter, smoother – and (we think) sparklier, with under-eye baggage all but banished. A wow. UK readers find 001 London EyeCicle at www.001skincare.com/£150 for two EyeCicles (in gift box) – buy here