We’re never sure quite why these products score so highly – as they have done yet again in 2017/2018’s Awards. Partly it’s the products themselves – which really have delivered firming, nourishing and ‘age-defying’ benefits, according to our testers. But in part it’s also the pleasurable ritual, we think, of giving yourself lashings of TLC alongside your chosen product – a moment to stop, relax and focus on No.1 for a change. If you’re looking for a treat, any of the following will definitely tick the boxes. (If you are seeking a lighter weight product, check out BEST ANTI-AGEING BODY LOTIONS). But our essential tip? Do pat skin dry before applying any of these, if you’ve just showered or bathed. That whole thing of ‘sealing in moisture’ is a beauty myth – all you’ll do is dilute a product which has been carefully formulated and balanced.

GOLD AWARD - Temple Spa Body Truffle

Body Truffle is the slightly less well-known ‘sister’ product to Skin Truffle, which has scored so spectacularly in previous Beauty Bible Awards. Well, this should make a superstar of Body Truffle, too – because this rich, glimmering luxury cream scored a stellar 9.17 marks out of 10, averaged across 10 women testers. In a hefty bronze jar that would elegantly grace any bedside table, it features not only black truffle but other luxe ingredients including naturally fruit acid Champagne extract, cashmere, silk and gold actives and rose quartz. There’s a shed-load of skin-plumping hyaluronic acid, as well as lashings of cocoa butter and a kombucha extract to tackle skin roughness. It's lightly fragranced with a blend of cedar, mimosa, honey, vetiver and sandalwood. 


'I’M IN LOVE WITH THIS! An absolutely fabulous 10/10, without a doubt my favourite body produce ever. My skin felt amazing and I loved the experience. Having had a baby two months ago I was in desperate need of some TLC and it came in heaps with this beautiful pot of magic!' • 'The most decadent cream to use – such a pleasure to trial this. The smooth whipped cream texture just glides on to the skin and is absorbed very quickly. It left a shimmering finish and such soft skin right away. After three days I noticed a huge improvement in my dry skin, especially on my very dry arms and legs. I was dubious it would make such a big difference but really happy when it proved me wrong and transformed my dry skin' • 'My legs were so dry, they often became quite flaky and sore – but the continued use of the cream really helped to heal and soften the skin.  I also noticed an improvement in the small bumps on my upper arms. A hero product for my skin and while a little on the pricy side it really does deliver' • 'I love the divine fresh-clean fragrance, which has a hint of rose – would certainly buy it if it was bottled!' • 'After three days of application, my skin was smooth and plumped, rejuvenated and radiant - as if I had been to a spa and indulged in moisturising body massages' • 'I will make sure my family know I would welcome it as a special gift. Gave a feeling of luxury that made heading for the bath more interesting than whatever was on TV, even with the log fire lit…' 

£60 for 150 ml - click to buy

SILVER AWARD - Aromatherapy Associates Renewing Rose Body Cream

Exquisitely scented with roses, roses all the way, this has previously done very well as a treatment for stretch marks in our books and scores very highly again this time. The softening, dry-skin vanquishing, skin-firming blend of shea butter, jojoba and evening primrose oils make for a luscious and bliss-to-use cream. (Rrecommended for calming itchiness, NB.) As soon as it’s dispensed from a flip-top tube, this starts to delight the sense of smell with an essential oil blend of rose, sandalwood, patchouli and geranium – and the fragrance lingers beautifully on the skin. (If we’ve one whinge about this product, it is this: the ingredients are listed in an even teenier typeface than most, on the packaging, and are particularly hard to read in white reversed out of raspberry pink.)


'The consistency is ideal, creamy soft and very easy to apply, quickly absorbed too. The aroma was absolutely glorious – like walking into a summer rose garden. My skin instantly felt soft, moist and dewy. After using it to the end of the flip top tube, my skin feels softer and has lost a lot of its dryness and scaliness, with improved feel and texture. It is more moisturised, conditioned and smooth; skin feels really pampered and the feeling of wellbeing lingers long after applying it. • 'My skin was like a parched elephant to start with after my summer holidays and this has definitely helped. It absorbed almost immediately and left skin feeling much more moisturised, smooth and lovely smelling: the heavenly scent was a bonus, which lasted for a good few hours on my skin. I couldn't help but sniff my arms on a regular basis!' • 'A little goes a long way. After applying it doesn't feel tacky on the skin, as it’s instantly absorbed – so you can dress almost immediately. My skin felt a lot softer and wasn't as itchy on the usually dry areas; it looked visibly smoother and hydrated. After finishing the product, my skin is visibly more radiant and even toned. Legs are no longer scaly and I have noticed a considerable difference in in-grown hairs' • 'Body butters usually take so long to sink in but this absorbed much more quickly than my usual one so I was much keener to use it.  Skin feels softer and smoother to touch, deeply nourished and more supple, and it looks brighter.  I no longer have any dry patches.  Combined with more regular exfoliation, it has led to fewer ingrowing hairs on my legs/bikini line' • 'I just cant tell you how much I've enjoyed using this product. It has been an absolute pleasure to test it and could be my new favourite body cream! It just ticks all the boxes – goes on beautifully, absorbs well and leaves the skin soft and supple. Add the bonus of an incredible aroma that lasts for ages and it is a complete winner' • 'Promised to be luxurious, deeply moisturising and hydrating and definitely delivered the goods.  One of the best body creams I have used.'

£38 for 200 ml - click to buy

BRONZE and BEST NATURAL AWARD - Liz Earle Superskin Body Cream

Another very high scorer (with most of the testers, at least), this has long had a place on Jo’s own bedside table – one of the most natural products in the Liz Earle collection, infused with the signature ‘Superskin’ smell that fans adore, with its delicious overdose of neroli. In all, the blend features almost 25% plant oils – almost like delivering the benefits of a body oil, but with the more user-friendly texture of a cream. (It comes in a screw-top tube, by the way.) Key age-defying and nourishing ingredients include East African shea butter, rosehip oil, cranberry seed oil and pomegranate extract, along with natural source vitamin E – and we don’t think you’ll need reminding to heed their suggestion to apply all over your body daily for ‘visibly plumper, smoother, more youthful-looking skin.'


'After testing this, am now on my third tube. My skin seems to improve with every tube; the light creamy texture is very easy to apply and I loved the herby floral fragrance. It only took a couple of moments to absorb so I could dress quite quickly after' • 'I noticed that before I showered again next morning or evening, my skin still felt smooth and hydrated, and retained a little of the moisture after the shower. Definitely reduced the appearance of dragon skin for a good few days after I finished the tube but obviously the effect can only last for so long' • 'Claims to give visibly plump and smooth skin and I do think it achieved this' • 'I loved this luxurious-feeling cream, which was very easy to rub in. It sank in easily and a small amount went a long way. I don't usually put body lotions on before bed as I hate the feeling of greasy legs in bed but I used this after relaxing in the bath, and there was no residue at all on top of skin' • 'By the end of the tube, my skin has lost its dullness and is much smoother to touch and see. I feel it looks more youthful due to it looking brighter and plumper' • 'It promised to make my skin rejuvenated and replenished and also to help calm and restore my senses. I felt it lived up to every one of the promises.' • 'There is improvement on the slightly crêpe-y skin on my décolletage – it appears more hydrated and plumper. Areas of dry, scaly skin are much improved – although if I do not use the cream for a couple of days it reverts right back to where I started' • 'Most definitely a MUST!'

£35 for 200 ml - click to buy

BEAUTY STEAL AWARD - Garnier Ultimate Blends Lotion Mythic Olive

On a tight budget? This was the highest scorer of the many more affordable products our testers slathered their way through: a non-greasy, non-sticky lotion which comes in a generously-proportioned pump-action bottle. It has a ‘floriental’ flower and vanilla fragrance (not unsubtle, but most testers enjoyed it nonetheless). A little note, in the interests of transparency: although Garnier make a big thing about the olive oil in this, that oil features quite a long, long way lower on the ingredient list than mineral oil and silicone (and even shea butter, come to that). Definitely not predominantly 'natural', if that's what you're looking for.


• 'Product feels silky and smooth and is very easy to apply, with minimal rubbing in. Skin immediately looked more radiant and healthier, and also feels softer and smoother. By the end of the trial, it feels completely nourished and in better condition, with a lovely healthy sheen.  I really enjoyed using this lotion' • 'The smell is delicious – and not like a jar of olives! The thick creamy texture is nice to apply and very easy to smooth in, although it did take some time to be absorbed (despite being described as non-greasy, non-sticky) – but I didn't really mind that as I like the product. Dry patches were eradicated more or less straight away and the skin on the half of my body I tested didn't dry out as quickly as the other side' • 'This is really moisturising, has a lovely scent and is easy to apply. Skin feels and looks more hydrated and supple with continuous regular use. I had a lot of flakiness partly on my legs which has definitely improved. One of the best everyday body lotions I have used.' • 'I would definitely buy this creamy product, which is easy to apply and sinks in fast.  I loved the smell and it left my skin smooth and nourished.  Well worth purchasing.'

£5.99 for 400 ml - click to buy