Ta-dah! We are thrilled to bring you the results of our 2019 Awards – the best skincare, bodycare, haircare, suncare and make-up products, as declared by the 1000+ women who took part in these recent round of trials. Every single product here was trialled by 10 real women, in real life, in some cases over the months required to observe improvements. With anti-ageing products or bodycare products which set out to deliver real results, we asked testers to try them on one half of the body/face, to observe improvements. (And yes, our testers take this so seriously, they really do that!) The results – as we've previously experienced time after time – were once again incredibly consistent, with some astonishingly high scores, while their in-depth comments also tell you much, much more you need to know to shape your decision to buy a product or not. 

Beauty Bible has always set out to help you take a short-cut through the beauty jungle – by testing real products on real women, just as you'd use them in real life. Since we launched our first book, The Beauty Bible, in 1996, we've had 26,000 women taking part in our trials – the biggest-ever independent survey of beauty products ever carried out in the world, with products submitted both from household name brands and from new, independent names. 

This isn't about taking one journalist or one blogger's word for it. These are women just like you. So we now invite you to discover the most effective products out there…