ALL ROUND HAIR CONDITIONER for different hair types

As with our All Round Shampoo winners, these were trialled by women with many different types of hair – and put on a good show generally. We’re all for simplicity, sometimes – so if you’re on haircare overwhelm, not sure if you should be choosing something for your dyed blonde barnet or your Medusa curls, invest in one of these, instead. We’re confident, based on our testers’ comments below, that you won’t be disappointed.


GOLD AWARD Liz Earle Botanical Shine Conditioner

A previous Beauty Bible Award winner grabs the top slot here – part of the capsule collection of haircare launched by Liz Earle a few years back, and available in options for Dry/Damaged, Normal and Fine/Oily hair. Key botanicals include Abyssinian oil, shea butter and Kalahari melon, a wild-growing native of Southern Africa. (Bushmen of the Kalahari are said to be able to live for months with no sources of water other than this wild melon; water makes up as much as 90% of its weight – a clue to just how hair-quenching it is.) There's blue kale for protection, and orange extract for shine.


‘10/10: I absolutely love this conditioner and would buy it again as a treat. It smells really fresh and clean and you can get every last bit out of the tube. My hair was beginning to look a bit lack lustre and was in need of a cut and colour, however this perked it up after one application and made it look really glossy and healthy, light and bouncy - like I’d been to the hairdressers. It’s ten times better than my usual conditioner’ • ‘This is my usual conditioner! It makes my short hair shiny and smooth. I wash my hair every two days but only need to condition it on alternate washes’ • ‘This is a great general conditioner. It’s easiest to put this in my palms, rub them together and smooth the conditioner into my wet hair. I like the practical packaging, which stands top down on the large base, making it easy for the shower’ • ‘I liked the fresh botanical fragrance and the nicely designed tube. The product is quite rich but worked through hair well enough. It made my hair easy to comb out, with a nice subtle sheen. I think the lighter variant for greasy hair may suit my superfine hair better’ • ‘Left hair easy to comb through, soft and manageable, with a nice shine and not frizzy at all. It didn't weigh my hair down at all; in fact it felt fuller an in better condition’ • ‘My hair looked best and was smoother  with less frizz on Day 2. It left my hair shiny and more importantly soft. I would use it alternately with my usual nourishing hair mask. This did help my scalp, which is usually very dry, so that was a huge bonus.’

£12.50 for 200ml - click to buy


SILVER AWARD Jo Hansford Everyday Conditioner

Veteran hair colour specialist Jo Hansford's products have done well across several haircare categories. Here, Everyday Conditioner is – as the name suggests – designed for use by all hair types, which include coloured hair. (It features Jo's signature HeliovitaTM Colour Care Complex and Anti-Fade Formula, for just that reason.) The moisturising power, we're told, is down to 'differently sized peptide molecules, some of which bind to the hair shaft, protecting from damage, and others that penetrate the core, improving strength and leaving hair radiant.' What does that mean in real life? Just read on.


‘Easy to apply and comb through. Hair looks glossier after using this and more voluminous and bouncy – it didn’t feel or look heavy. It felt soft and was easy to straighten with GHDs. It wasn't frizzy at all. I normally wash my hair daily but when I used this I could go every other day, which is a great advantage. Also my colour has seemed not to fade as quickly because of not having to wash my hair so often’ • ‘My coloured hair looked bright and very healthy. This compared very well with my usual conditioner. The consistency is thick and feels luxurious. Very easy to work through hair. Gave gloss and shine, and improved bounce and volume – it wasn't at all weighed down. Hair was more manageable and easy to style. I liked that it has UV filters’ • ‘Hurrah! This is in a see through, hard plastic bottle with a flip top lid. It’s a very welcome change to have a bottle where you can see the contents and judge accurately when you need to replace it. Love the fragrance – its divine, akin to grapefruit. It permeates the air when you massage it in so my husband was happy to follow me in to a scented bathroom. It gave gloss and shine and DID give some bounce and volume although not really quite enough for my horribly fine limp hair. However, it was completely tangle-free and easy to style. I would buy it but would choose the formulation for extra body’ • ‘A real treat to use. It wins the prize for keeping my highlights in tip top condition, looking almost as fresh as they day they were done. The cost is more than balanced by the longevity of the colour and need for less frequent appoints with the hairdresser. I would recommend it to anyone with normal well-behaved coloured hair. Bravo Jo Hansford!’ • ‘A bit on the expensive side but worth every penny! I adore this range and will buy again for sure. It promised silky soft hair with brightened highlights/colour and delivered 100%.’

£19 for 250ml - click to buy


BRONZE AWARD Percy & Reed Wonder Care Conditioner

This is also a suits-all-hairtypes choice from the much-loved, hip-as-heck Percy & Reed salons. It's formulated with aloe vera to detangle and condition from root to tip, moisturising and smoothing Pro-Vitamin B5, and sunflower seed extract to repair both natural and colour-treated hair. It offers 'Environmental Defence' (as they put it), to shield against UV damage. As with all of Percy & Reed's products, the packaging's really cute, with its whimsical drawings set to appeal to all ages. (We certainly love the illustrations!) It's incredibly highly rated on their own website, as well as by our testers.


'I am thrilled with this product. I love the quirky design on the bottle, which contains a generous 250ml of product. (No additional outer packaging, which is a big plus.) The consistency is rich and I dispense a large dollop each time as I have thick curly hair. The effects on my hair are amazing and the product leaves my curls defined and shiny. I will definitely be buying this product when I use the test product’ • ‘A big 10 out of 10! I adore this luxury product. My husband commented how nice my hair smelled and I think the fragrance is divine. My waves lasted all day even outside in the damp. I had no sensitivity with the product’ • ‘Out of the blue a lady at work said my hair was looking lovely and shiny. This has never been said since I started colouring my hair and only since trying this range. I’d not noticed personally but to an outsider there is a definite improvement in shine’ • ‘My hair was definitely less frizzy and flyaway after use. Very impressed with the result as this drives me mad. It seemed to make my hair look a little fuller after styling with my Cloud 9. The range definitely didn't make my hair feel limp/flat in the slightest. Left my hair feeling soft and silky’ • ‘Hair looked healthier and was so much easier to comb after towel drying. So much less pulling and dragging my comb/tangle teezer through. My hair felt much softer to touch and not a stray flyaway in sight…. Result! I can definitely go longer between washes now as the conditioner doesn't weigh my hair down in the slightest as some have in the past.  A definite firm favourite now’ • ‘A lovely conditioner that was easy to massage through my hair. The light fragrance is really please. It left my hair really shiny, smooth, easy to style and took out any frizz. A really great conditioner, which improved the moisture balance in my hair and made it glossy and smooth with no frizz!’

£18 for 250ml – click to buy